Dear Stakeholder,

Please see the attached documents. In accordance with Governor Kay Ivey’s Executive Order 735, the Plumbers & Gas Fitters Examining Board has inventoried all of its administrative rules that contain restrictive language such as “shall”, “shall not”, “will”, “must”, “require”, etc. The goal was to identify all rules containing these words and determine which are necessary to carry out our business and which were discretionary. We have identified 66 restrictive words in our administrative rules.

This executive order was aimed at reducing the unnecessary “red tape” that is currently required to do business as a consumer or licensee. What we are requesting of you is to review this inventory and offer helpful comments that will assist us in identifying areas of our administrative rules where we may be able to reduce unnecessary burdens on both the consumer and licensee.

Your clear and timely response is critical to our success in accomplishing our goal. That being the case, when you respond please cite the rule number in the left column of the inventory document, then a clear, concise comment so that we may use it to determine the course of action for that particular rule.

Please send all comments regarding this effort to

Deadline for comments is December 31, 2023.  The Board welcomes all comments, both positive and negative, regarding this information.


We are seeking your input as we evaluate all administrative rules that contain restrictive words and phrases, such as “shall”, “shall not”, “must”, “require”, “required”, etc.

If you wish to participate, please begin by reviewing the following documents: Rule Inventory, PGFB Law, PGFB administrative rules.

After you have reviewed these documents, provide input in the following format:

  • Identify ONLY the rules containing restrictive terms or phrases.
  • Respond to the request using the email address given.
  • Please provide your response in the following format so that your response is clear and concise:
    • Rule number and title from our Administrative Rules.
    • Location of restrictive term or phrase. (Example: First paragraph, second sentence)
    • Comment explaining why that you believe it is necessary, or unnecessary based on PGFB Law.